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SEO Web Design

Is web design somewhat like a beauty contest? There you have that gorgeous looking person on stage and everything is great until s/he begins to speak. And yep… most often disappointing. SEO web design is an ever evolving art. There are constants and principles that are timeless but the other elements will change with time as style and fashion change. The beauty contest simile applies more to search engines whose robots land on a website. To the human eye, the site is perfect. Great feel, vibe, energy, colors, ratios, great fonts and all that… but when the Google bots or Bing bots scan this perfect-looking site, it is like the brains fell out. The images don’t have alt descriptions, there is no meta description, the wrong use of headers is happening – or worse there are no headers. The written copy doesn’t use LSI keywords or the keyword ratios are too high or too low. So many different problems and Google or Bing bumps the website down to page 9 in the search results for some random keyword phrase that won’t benefit the business. We design and optimize Wordpress websites because we know we can rank these sites in Google.


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It is estimated that 60% of websites use the WordPress CMS because there are thousands of independent developers working to maintain, update and secure the system every day. The WordPress community is very active and provide high quality, responsive support. The only costs with WordPress are in customization.

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WordPress is really simple to use. Understand us: it can be very complicated to do optimization and enhancement but for the most part if you just need to change, update or export content it is very simple and streamlined. Publishing blog content, articles or changing the information on your pages is very simple.

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One word: taxonomy. This is way of grouping content that is extremely important for SEO. Think about a library indexing system and this is how your website should work. When the content and media on your site is optimized and grouped in a way that makes sense, Google can’t help but rank your site. WordPress is an SEO powerhouse.

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WordPress began as a simple blog system and now features hundreds of free and paid plugins that extend the functionality of the CMS. These can be used to enhance visibility, attract more traffic, share media effortlessly, or add e-commerce functionality to your website. Wordpress can be used as a simple business website or a complex membership site serving thousands of customers.

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WordPress has more than 10 years on the Internet and has seen a lot of predecessors rise and fall. Top companies trust WordPress because it has a solid track record of refining, testing and enhancing this platform. Every few months there are updates that enhance user-friendliness and it can be scaled to meet the needs of a growing organization.

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WordPress is a secure content management system when proper security measures are implemented. On its own, WordPress has a large international team that are currently working to make the site secure. Additional security plugins can be installed to make your website nearly impregnable to hackers and backups make your website safe in the rare case something happens.

How to Proceed With Our Web Design or Site Optimization Services

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How do you choose a good web designer? What qualifies a good web designer? Are we good web designers? It is a matter of opinion and what you want to achieve. We are focused upon converting website traffic into sales. We probably won’t win awards for our web design, but we don’t really care. We create high quality, fast, targeted websites that can be positioned in Google and attract potential clients and customers. You found our website based upon our ability to rank it in Google – the exact same reasons why our ideal clients would want to work with us. You have to sell your products and services! We don’t design websites from “scratch” because in this day and age it is unnecessary. There are tons of high quality templates that just need to be updated and optimized. Additionally, the cost of designing a website from nothing is very expensive and time-consuming. What we can do is find designs that stand out to you and optimize this particular theme with your unique content, images, and branding. We can design a new site for you or convert an existing site to WordPress.

Check out your web designer’s technical knowledge. Sure they might be able to design a pretty site, but can they meet the requirements Google uses to determine website ranking? If you are trying to evaluate a web designer, copy their website URL (www.website.com) and analyze their site using the form on the page that will open when you click the button. Oh, and check our website too!

WordPress Onsite SEO Optimization

You already have a WordPress website, but it is under-optimized. You don’t have to start from scratch. In most cases, well-designed and attractive WordPress sites just need to be optimized for specific keyword phrases and have performance modifications made. How do we optimize a website? We go to the source and determine first what Google wants to see. Once we meet their requirements, we optimize each page so that it has schema markup, image file names match alt descriptions, images are compressed, keyword rich content with LSI keywords, the appropriate use of meta title, meta description, title tags and adequate copy written for both humans and bots. We test it for speed and we guarantee a minimum of passing marks for each optimized page in Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix.


Evaluate your website performance based upon Google criteria. Copy the website URL (www.website.com) and analyze your site pages using the form on the page that will open when you click the button.