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Internet Marketing Services

The Best Internet Marketing Services

Do you need to target local, national and even international customers? We can help you gain exposure and rank your website locally, nationally and internationally?

Regional Internet Marketing Services

We define your target market and their needs (keyword phrase research).

Internet Marketing Services for Cities

What are local internet marketing services? These services specifically target cities, suburbs or specific areas with precise demographics. Usually there is less competition for this form of internet marketing.

National Internet Marketing Services

We design and optimize your website based upon the target market’s keywords.

Internet Marketing Services for countries

What are national internet marketing services? These services specifically target specific countries with general demographics. Depending upon the country being targeted, this form of internet marketing can have significant competition.

International Internet Marketing Services

We rank your website on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords.

global Internet Marketing Services

What are global internet marketing services? These services specifically target keyword phrases regardless of geographic location. This is the most competitive form of internet marketing and can be highly costly.

We increase your website traffic and help you focus upon converting sales.

The best Internet Marketing Services

Our internet marketing stragies can be focused directly upon any local, national or international marketplace or niche. This means that we optimize your website to specifically emphasize relevant keyword phrases. Additionally, we need to enhance your social media accounts, local maps and business directories to include your business location and local market offerings. Internet marketing is going to dramatically change as competition increases in the any marketplace. The sooner we begin with your local marketing campaigns the sooner your business will begin receiving valuable website traffic. Most of our clients’ websites needed additional work. Some of the websites were just old school HTML and they needed to be converted to Wordpress. Existing Wordpress sites needed to be optimized. When we say “optimized” we mean everything on your website associated with your targeted keywords, from page links all the way down to the images on each page.

internet marketing services
video marketing services

Video marketing deploys video marketing campaigns targeting specific areas or relevant video keyword search phrases. There are a number of moving components in video marketing, but all can be summed upon in these three areas: content, context and optimization. What is the goal of the information? Let’s say you are a mortgage broker and you want more clients for a specific lending niche. You’ll probably need to display competence, experience and trustworthiness. A video for this could be a full on production that demonstrates the benefits of working with your business. On the other hand, if you sell a software app, a screencast walkthrough of the benefits is going to provide an educational experience. Different markets require different approaches to video marketing. Once the video has been developed, then it needs to be optimized and distributed on a variety of video platforms so that your prospective customers or clients can find it.

Social marketing involves leveraging social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and various others. The objective is to determine and test which social media platform has the best conversion rate. For example, if you offer a service like dentistry focused upon teeth whitening, then Instagram could be a powerful platform for showing people before and after images with brighter teeth. But, if you are an accountant, it is kind of difficult to make accounting look attractive using visual images (but it isn’t impossible to create catchy branding and take something that many people believe to be boring and make it fun). Facebook is a powerful way to grow a community, but if you offer a technical service like web server hosting, you might find that Twitter is a more powerful social media platform because when there is a problem your clients will want to see the latest update ASAP. All platforms can be leveraged and we are here to help you determine the most effective social media marketing campaigns for your niche.

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Not All Internet Marketing Services Are the Same

The growth of your business is only a few clicks away… Internet marketing is both proactive and reactive. There are specific standards set forth by the major search engines and the majority of the websites on the internet do not even come close to meeting these standards. When your site is optimized, then all of the SEO campaigns that we run are even more effective; blasting your competition out of the way. When Google changes its algorithms, we adjust our approach. It does take time and most campaigns require a minimum of 90 days. Remember Rome, was not built in a day.”

How Can We Help With Your Internet Marketing Plan?

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Internet Marketing Strategies That Work

word of mouth marketing

1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth marketing is the most effective and the least expensive. It is simple, create a terrific product or service and people will rave about it and become loyal to your brand. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, it is tough. There is a saying, “marketing is the cost of being unremarkable…” The cost you have to pay to promote your business is an indicator of how catchy, trendy, sexy or appealing your products or services are perceived to be. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every business faces the same challenges in different degrees. What every business owner dreams about is viral, word of mouth marketing that creates exponential customer growth. Like it or not, this is actually the approach that network marketing companies take and it can be very powerful. In fact, it is so powerful that most companies are using some form of direct selling or affiliate sales because the internet makes it so easy to track and reward referral partners. A solid social media marketing campaign can leverage word of mouth marketing for your business and it is too important to not take seriously. If you can create buzz around your products, services or even brand, then you’re going to experience viral marketing. There are many ways to do it, but any WOM marketing includes these three elements: 1. client satisfaction, trust and commitment; 2. controversial advertising, teaser ads, and client memberships; 3. viral recruiting or friends-referring-friends strategies.

ppc internet marketing

2. PPC Paid Advertising

PPC (pay per click) advertising is internet based advertising which is an subset of internet marketing. There are a number of different PPC platforms but the two best known are Google AdWords and Facebook. Here is an example that is relevant to the targeted marketplace. Let’s say that you’re a Portland real estate agent and keyword research shows you that 140 people per month in the PDX Metro area are googling “Portland realtors”. To advertise to these people using Google AdWords PPC, it will cost you a minimum of $6.32 per click. How appealing is your advertisement? Where are the people sent (it is usually referred to as a landing page) when they click on your PPC advertisement. How well does that site convert? The click through rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who click on your ad when it is displayed. (I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you assume 1%). Then how many of the 1% who clicked on your advertisement will become clients? I think 10% if you’re an average salesperson. This means that each lead will cost you $632 (1 out of 100) and you need 10 leads to convert 1 into a client. So roughly $6,320 to get a lead that will pay a 3% realtor fee which would be $12,000 on a $400,000 home. In this example, it is a 100% ROI, but very costly upfront and with a lot of variables.  PPC campaigns take a lot of upfront money and require a lot of testing. They are great for businesses with budgets that can handle a learning curve.

SEO marketing

3. SEO Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is perhaps one of the best options for internet marketing. It is not instant like PPC advertising, but if your SEO agency can get you on page one in a few months, it is going to cost you a lot less and deliver a lot more than PPC ads. One reason is that potential customers are learning to recognize PPC ads and perceive them as less valuable than the organic search results. People love to buy, they just hate to feel sold. How does search engine optimization work in our internet marketing services? Consider a billboard on I-5, you drive by it every day but rarely does it have an advertisement that is relevant to your interests, lifestyle, values or needs so you just ignore it. Internet marketing is similar to that billboard on I5, except for imagine that you drive in a lane that only shows billboards that are relevant to you and when you want to see it. In marketing online you can target your offerings to people who have a specific desire or need based upon the words they use to search online. What do you do next? Depending upon your business model, you can get website visitors into a sales funnel by offering something of value that is relevant (see our free SEO website analysis above and add your website) or you can use a live chat for sales consulting or offer a reward for joining your mailing list to build trust over time. If you work with us we can optimize your website and run SEO campaigns that will position your site on page 1 of Google and Bing.