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It is estimated that by 2018 the demand for mobile app development is going to grow several times faster than an organization’s IT department can develop and maintain them. According to Gartner, by 2019 mobile phone sales will approach 2.1 billion units and there will be an ever-increasing demand for enterprise apps and enterprise app developers. For this reason, many organizations are going to need to outsource enterprise app development to trusted firms to develop, deploy and support mobile apps. As it currently stands, it is extremely difficult and costly to find trustworthy developers with solid mobile app development skills (who won’t run away with your proprietary information).

Enterprise application development tends to be cross platform iOS app / Android app development for business purposes. In most cases, these are large businesses that need mobile applications that are scalable, complex, secure and relevant to an organization’s success. Such apps are developed to be integrated across intranets, corporate networks and the internet with complex requirements for administration, maintenance and security. Developing, designing and deploying enterprise applications usually means that the mobile app developer has to meet thousands of unique requirements.  The app development team needs to be trustworthy and up-to-date with the latest developments in iOs and Android development environments. Contact us today and we can make your enterprise app idea become a reality.

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Apple iOS app development and Android app development is a challenging process to create unique and highly useful applications. Our Portland iOS app developer and Portland Android app developer can help bring your idea to life. We ensure absolutely transparency and the safety of your ideas with non-disclosure agreements. We want you to see your app prototype come to life and see it benefit your business. What our Portland app developer team will help you do is to: define your goals for the app; understand your target users; work with a testing focus group; plan for multiple releases; select a scalable approach; analyze development, deployment and maintenance costs. Feel free to contact us today using our contact form. Share a general overview of what you have in mind and we’ll help you begin the app development process.