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Fully understand the steps we take to ensure that our internet marketing strategies generate maximum results for our clients. We work with businesses of all sizes, all around the globe. If you have a website – or need one – we can optimize it and rank it so that you get relevant traffic to your site.

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The team at Emery EPS was able to transform my website from an old boring design to a new, optimized site that looks great on computers and mobile devices. They also started SEO campaigns that placed me in the search results for my local area and new clients have been contacting me. Very pleased with the results. Diane Ulicsni

Owner, Diane Uliscni Coaching

Michael and his SEO team have taken our website from not existing in the local searches in Santiago, Chile to being on the first page for multiple targeted search terms. Emery EPS gave us realistic expectations for how competitive our niche is in this city. Instead of our phone ringing 2-5 times per week it now rings 2-5 times per day! Thank you

Pablo Sobarzo

Owner, Biocentro Chile

Michael – We are very pleased with the results thus far and how the website rebuild/optimization turned out.  Not only does the data show an increase on the ranking, we have seen it, real world, gaining a couple of accounts.  We would absolutely be willing to refer you, provide testimonials, whatever you need.

Matt Kurtz

Manager, Clean Services Northwest

1. Free Website Evaluation

The first step to take is to request our free website health evaluation. This will give us a snapshot of your overall website and help us determine what we need to do in order to improve your website ranking. The following steps will help you to better understand the full SEO service our internet marketing agency offers.

free website evaluation for seo
seo keyword ranking website review

2. Website Ranking Review

We conduct a thorough investigation of all keywords that your website is currently ranking for in Google. Keywords are phrases that your potential website visitors are using to search online for the products or services your business offers. Sometimes websites already rank for good keywords that just need some extra help to increase their visibility. This keyword research provides insights into the terms that your website should be optimized for both onsite and offsite. One big source of confusion for many people is the effective targeting of a “buyer’s” keyword phrase. For example, the word “camera” receives 368,000 searches per month in Portland, but “best camera for low light photography” only receives 50 searches per month. “Camera” is a general term that could reference just about anything related to cameras, but “best camera for low light photography” indicates that someone is searching for a specific sort of camera and probably does not currently own such a camera. This is an example of a buyer’s keyword phrase.

3. Offsite SEO Evaluation

We analyze your website’s backlink profile. This is an evaluation of links that point to your website. In the case that there are low quality or harmful links, these will need to be disavowed in Google Webmaster Tools. Most websites have low quality backlinks pointing to them without the owner’s knowledge. Links from the wrong sites will prevent your website from arriving on the first page of Google for your desired keyword phrases.

seo backlink evaluation
wordpress optimization for seo

4. Website Re-design or Optimization

If you already have a WordPress website, we would evaluate updating the theme, revising the website internal structure, create a silo structure, optimize pages and posts for specific keyword phrases and optimize the site load time. This is much more complicated than just slapping a pretty website together. If you don’t have a WordPress website, we would convert your existing website to WordPress because this CMS is the highest ranking content management system (CMS) with its flexibility, plugins and taxonomy. In most cases, websites have been poorly structured and those that are still visually appealing have slow load times, do not have an effective taxonomy (structured organization), have under-optimized images and have not been constructed based upon keyword research. Once we finish, you will have a fully responsive WordPress website (your site will be enhanced for use on mobile devices like tablets and cellular phones). Every single client of ours has needed onsite website optimization. Sometimes, in local SEO marketing it is possible to rank an under-optimized site but businesses competing for national or global SEO must have an optimized website.

5. Site Indexing

Web designers and internet marketers often think differently. In many cases, web designers don’t know – or don’t assume it to be their job – to index a website. They show up, build you a site that (hopefully) looks good and then you are on your own. Often websites are not indexed, which means that they are not cataloged in Google. If a site isn’t indexed, then it will not be considered for results in Google. We get your optimized site and all of its pages completely indexed in the major search engines.

website indexing service
seo local maps

6. Local Maps and Directories

Depending upon your business offerings, one of the most effective things that can be done to immediately drive traffic to your website is to add your business to local maps and business directories. This is a relatively simple, but time-consuming task that can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to go online or what to write. Our team will get you listed quickly in the most relevant local and national directories and maps. This is extremely important especially for brick-and-mortar, physical business locations that can benefit from walk-in customers and people who are looking for a local solution. If they can’t find you, they will only visit by accident. Businesses that do not interact with the public are also encouraged to submit their business to local directories and maps because search engine’s associate such listings with confirmed, official businesses.

7. Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing is a powerful extension of your brand. This is the perception that your marketing creates in your potential client’s and existing client’s minds. Branding via social media campaigns gives your business the opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition. If you have something exceptional to offer, then it is likely you will get a lot of social media interest. If you’re in a not-so-sexy business niche, then it is time to get creative. Social media platforms are also a powerful way to connect with your marketplace and develop a relationship with your customers and clients. Does social media marketing affect SEO? Yes and no. A high quality website will have social buzz happening and this fits into the search engine algorithms. Social marketing alone will not help your search engine ranking but when combined with SEO campaigns, it sends the proper signal to Google that your website is an authority site. Social media is a powerful way to connect with a target audience and drive organic traffic to your website through the use of images, audio, video and text on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.

social media campaigns for seo
press release campaigns for seo

8. Press Release Campaigns

Don’t be shy about your business. Officially announce your business, products and services. Press releases are a great way to get your website to rank locally and get some extra exposure. If you have a unique offering or service, don’t be surprised if you get a call or email from local news sites who want to feature your business. Not only do press releases give your website authority, they also have the potential of generating local buzz on social media. The power of a press release is that nowadays it is the great equalizer between large, multinational businesses, the sole entrepreneur, and the spectrum in-between. Within 24 hours, our marketing agency can submit a press release to over 350 different news outlets. If you don’t know what to write, we can create it for you. When should you use a press release? Well, the first time we optimize your website would be a good time to announce these updates to world and state what is unique about your business, products or services. Press releases are intended to get attention and what is newsworthy is whatever is relevant to your specific niche market. Newsworthy doesn’t mean relevant to everyone, it means relevant to the people your business serves. Drafting a press release is a great clarity-provoking experience for any small business owner or marketing manager because it causes you to think critically about what would get your prospect’s attention. If you aren’t sure, we can provide coaching or write a press release for you.

9. Video Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words…” and video is a series of pictures sequenced together. We are certain that video campaigns are a powerful way to educate and inspire your potential clients. If your service is experiential or your product has a setup guide or needs to be seen to be believed, then don’t just say it… Show it! People go to YouTube for the 3 E’s: entertainment, education and evaluation (We just made that up) but based upon our experience it seems true. Videos and channels on YouTube also need to be optimized so that they can be found in Google and YouTube search. Everything that needs to be done to optimize your website also needs to be done for your YouTube channel. Every business can benefit from video marketing and our marketing agency can help you with all aspects of video marketing from video creation to distribution.

video marketing for internet marketing
seo experts

10. SEO Campaigns

SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Alchemy. Spellcraft. Nerd stuff. Pretty much. What is search engine optimization (SEO)? SEO is a process of increasing the rankings of keyword terms in a search engine. This means that if you sell “handcrafted leather boots for hipsters”, “Portland legal advice”, “doggy daycare in Portland” or “NW Portland real estate” you want your website to appear when someone searches for these keyword phrases on Yahoo, Bing or Google. The largest search engine in the West is Google and studies have shown that people pay the most attention to the top five results on the first page of Google. In order to position your website in Google for specific keyword phrases that are relevant to your business, you first need to research the keyword phrases to determine which ones are buying terms, optimize your website for these buying terms, and then send signals to Google that your website is an authority for these keyword phrases. Essentially, SEO is showing Google that your website should be considered to be an authority site because other websites link to your site for your keyword phrases. SEO is a constantly evolving practice and Google always changes the algorithms to ensure that it’s search engine users receive the most relevant results based upon their search criteria.

11. Keyword Phrase Rank Monitoring

When you get there, you’ve got to stay there. We monitor your keyword phrases and send you a weekly report. Naturally, there will be changes in your SEO rankings from time to time, but what we want to do is monitor what happens from week-to-week and month-to-month. Sudden spikes or drops in your website ranking on Google show us that a Google algorithm has been applied or that our SEO campaigns have been effective or that we have triggered a penalty. There are different sorts of Google penalties ranging from small drops in ranking, large drops and getting a website blacklisted (the ultimate penalty that drops a website complete out of Google search results and if bad enough can get a site completely de-indexed). In general, we monitor your keyword position frequently because it gives us feedback in terms of the effectiveness of our SEO campaigns. As one of our clients, what you want to see is a constant upward movement in your keyword phrases toward page one of Google. Once we reach Google page one, we want to ensure that you stay there and with your increased your website traffic then we can adjust your website content so that it converts more effectively.

seo keyword phrase rank monitoring

12. Negative SEO Attack Prevention

You will actually be supported by an SEO ninja team. (Sorry, just had to put that in there someplace. We aren’t really ninjas, well maybe we are…) Consider this: your website ranking on the first page of Google for a decent quality keyword phrase = money. “All is fair in love, war and SEO…” There is a new marketplace of people who offer negative SEO services. Your competition can literally pay someone to send thousands of spammy, low quality links to your website. When this happens, we will notice a sudden drop in ranking and our team has to contest and disavow these negative links in the Google Webmasters Tool. This is a serious threat to all businesses conducting internet marketing and believe us, your competitors will try it. We don’t participate in such tactics because it is bad karma. And, because we create high quality, targeted websites that have clean backlink profiles, it is easy for us to ensure that your website survives negative SEO attacks with as little loss in SEO ranking as possible. We will protect your internet marketing investment.

negative seo attack prevention

Request Your Free Website Evaluation

Go ahead and take the first step. We want you to run a profitable business and we want to earn your trust. Request your free website evaluation and find out what might be preventing your success with internet marketing. We believe you’ll be impressed with our attention to detail and professionalism.

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The Core Components of Marketing Online

Online marketing has transformed business. Instead of having to prospect and filter through potential clients, internet marketing gives your potential clients the opportunity to find your business. The key to successful marketing online is to place your business in front of the audience that is already searching for the solutions your products or services provide.


SEO Website Optimization

Streamline your website and optimize for targeted keyword phrases.


SEO BackLink Building

High quality content on external websites linking to your site.


Social Media MarketinG

Create viral content; leverage social media, press releases, maps and directories.


SEO Recovery & Protection

Protect your internet marketing investment from negative SEO attacks and penalties.

Why You’ll Want Our Help With Internet Marketing

First of all, we’ve been there. We had to learn the hard way and initially lost a lot of money through scams, bad information and dealing with low quality SEO agencies, internet marketers and so called “SEO experts.” You don’t have to repeat our mistakes.

SEO Experts

SEO Experts

We’ve been involved in online marketing since 2006 and we stay up-to-date on the latest developments.
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is king. Website copy needs to optimized for search engines, but must also appeal to readers.
Brand Visibility

Brand Visibility

Your business must be the first thing that people talk about when they need a solution in your niche.
SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking

If you’re not on Google page 1, it doesn’t count. Our commitment is to get you there and keep you there.
Social Media

Social Media

Social media offers the opportunity to interact with online communities and listen to their feedback.
local marketing

Be Found

We will help you get on the map. Website traffic is the lifeblood of your business and you can’t have too much of it.

Latest News

Stay on top of developments in search engine algorithms, social marketing, video marketing, website design best practices and marketing on the internet.

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